Interactive Marketing :: Creating compelling marketing, leveraging new media channels and embracing disruptive technology. Marketing with Google Ad Networks, YouTube and FaceBook campaigns.

Web 2.0 - 3.0 :: Forget the hype it's all real, Web 2.0 AND Web 3.0 are here today. Social networking and rich media apps are all technologies I can take from concept to completion.

Virtual World Development :: Interactive 3D environments, in-world marketing, and products designed for 2D and 3D social networking platforms like Facebook and Secvond Life.

Second Life Build
Second Life :: Experience buying islands, managing and building sims in Second Life. Created “Venezia” an island based on Venice, Italy.
Interactive :: Created original Bob Dylan electronic press kit and interactive virtual museum for Forest Ackerman.
Digital Video
Digital Video/3D/Print :: Experience directing and managing video production. and print media for corporate and consumer products.